Ocean County’s Business of the Week – From A Dancer’s Pointe

Norrie Calascibetta is the Owner & Director of From A Dancer’s Pointe. Norrie along with her husband Dennis and their daughter Victoria opened the doors of From A Dancer’s Pointe in July of 2015. Norrie has three daughters and has been very supportive of each of their goals and dreams.  

Her daughter Victoria has been dancing both competitively and recreationally since she was 2 years old. Norrie has been extensively involved in Victoria’s dance education. She has always believed in helping her children pursue their dreams. It has been a lifelong dream for her daughter Victoria to open and teach in her own dance studio. When the opportunity arouse, Norrie and Dennis purchased the studio to help Victoria pursue her enduring dream of teaching children the art of dance.  

Norrie has been working for nearly 20 years in the corporate industry in both Human Resources and also in the Financial sector with an extensive background in business and office administration. Her goal is to make sure that From A Dancer’s Pointe is a very positive, loving environment where children love to come and study the art of dance. She believes that each child, whether dancing for pure enjoyment or dancing to pursue a career, deserves the same education. She goes out of her way to make sure that the students and parents are treated like family.  

Norrie’s goal is to ensure that From A Dancer’s Pointe stands out in the dance industry by treating each student fairly and that each student feels like the studio is their second home. She treats each and every person who steps into the studio as if they were a member of her own family.  

At From A Dancer’s Pointe, we seek to enrich our students’ artistic and personal growth; to nurture and develop the students’ technique in a supportive and professional manner as well as experiencing the enjoyment and fulfillment a dancer can achieve through the art of dance. Our goal is to help students discover what they are physically and artistically capable of and how they can gain focus, discipline, and dedication which will, in turn, transcend through to everyday aspects of life.  We believe that a dancer must set personal goals that will enable them to gain a sense of responsibility and pride in their abilities. We hope that all of our students and their families will be provided with the education and inspiration necessary to enjoy a loving and nurturing dance environment.   As a school we are dedicated to helping each student achieve physical excellence and personal discipline, while exploring the art of dance. We believe that through a systematic and step-by-step training program, the student will develop positive self-esteem by achieving clearly established goals. We recognize that each student possesses different strengths and we encourage them to reach for their own personal goals. We believe this develops strong life skills. Our curriculum also includes a competitive performance company that enhances the student’s ability to work together as a team, build camaraderie and to learn dedication and trust towards other.     The reward for performing is the personal satisfaction gained from the response of an audience.  Performance opportunities will be available to all those who are interested in auditioning. The challenges of dancing promote self-discipline, pride, and confidence by balancing physical development and mental attitude.  The staff at “From A Dancer’s Pointe” have an extremely strong combined background in arts management, dance instruction, dance performance, administrative management, education and leadership. Our background and commitment to offering exceptional quality and service to customers without compromise will set us apart from many other dance studios.  We are unique in our backgrounds, credentials, degree of professionalism and philosophy. We believe that a dance education is aimed at developing  disciplined, technically trained, well balanced students.  Whether going on to a professional career in dance or dancing for pure enjoyment students will be able to apply these attributes they have learned throughout their lives.   

Norrie Calascibetta
From A Dancer’s Pointe
[email protected]

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