Jennifer Kerr, MBA

Jenn Kerr MBA

Jennifer Kerr, MBA


When my homeowner clients in Ocean County are looking to sell their home and buy a new one, it’s not just about providing them with a physical house that they like, but rather about matching them with the complete package of a home that they love.
From the house itself to the surrounding neighborhood, to the local features, to the community of people, I take pride in helping my clients find the complete package that fulfills their needs because I want every part of my clients going home process until the moment they step foot in their front door – to make them feel happy now.
When my clients are looking to sell I provide a unique vision in terms of my marketing strategy. In today’s real estate market, if you’re not fully engaged in multiple forms of social media and internet marketing, you’re just simply missing out on a huge demographic of potential buyers.
Of course, there are also tried-and-true traditional real estate marketing techniques that can be implemented as well because I have the ability to mix and match all these forms of marketing including those that many other agents out there aren’t using.
I’m able to tailor-make a unique plan for each client, the property, and niche market. At the end of the day, the goal is to sell as fast as possible at the highest price the market will allow.
I have a passion for connecting with my clients and creating lasting friendships. I have empathy and compassion for families going through life changes. I am my client’s biggest advocate and customer service is at the heart of everything I do.
But the biggest part of my job is managing expectations and helping my clients – homeowners in Ocean County – manage the emotional impact of dealing with their largest financial instrument. Real estate is more than a transaction – it’s a way to change lives. And for that, I am truly grateful.

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